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Fermented Products of Kamloops

Fermented Products of Kamloops

TRU BIOL 3800 Fermentation Fall 2021


This map was put together, under supervision of Prof. Naowarat Cheeptham (Ann), by the Fall 2021 Biology 3800 Fermentation class at Thompson Rivers University. Throughout this class we have learned about microorganisms and their role in fermentation processes. The goal of this project was to take what we learned in this class and make connections to the real world. 


This map is a class project that curates local producers of fermented products in the Kamloops area. We hope this project will not only educate people on the benefits of fermented products and microorganisms, but also supports our local businesses. 

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This map was created by reaching out to local producers of fermented products with hopes to gain insight on their microbial processes and products, as well as conducting our own research to highlight the fermentation processes behind them.

TRU BIOL 3800 Fermentation Fall 2021

Students, the creators of the map, in the BIOL 3800 Fermentation Course Fall 2021
Dr. Naowarat (Ann) Cheeptham (Front Row: Far Right)